The wedding industry is booming and there is no end in site! Weddings have become an event so big they’re comparable to a Broadway theater production that put the Bride and Groom in the starring roles. That makes the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen the supporting roles, and let’s face it, the Bridesmaids are going to do most of the heavy lifting.

So maybe this is your first time around on the Bridesmaid train, or maybe your 10th, but either way you’ve got a lot of plates to juggle. This site is here for YOU! To help you plan the ultimate Bachlorette party and Bridal shower, to let you blow off steam, to help you laugh through the tears, and mostly just to remind you how amazing (and sometimes absurd) being a part of a “wedding production” can be, so that you can fully enjoy being part of such a special day!

Browse the site at your leisure and take away whatever tips and tricks you need, and if at some point you become the expert, don’t forget to help out the Bridesmaids Confession community by sharing what you know.

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