10 Bridal Shower Themes That Guarantee A Good Time!

10 Bridal Shower Themes That Guarantee A Good Time!

Pink and Sparkly

A very popular bridal shower theme is to go with a timeless classic: pretty in pink and all things that sparkle! Some of our favorite ideas for this type of shower include sparkly table runners, balloons filled with confetti, and serving pink bubbly.

Cooking or Baking Theme

For the food loving bride give her exactly what she wants, a taste of savory appetizers with a side of sugary sweets. There are many clever ways to incorporate kitchen accessories and gadgets into this type of shower. For a fun game, be sure to have guests share their favorite recipes with the couple.

Brunch and Bubbly

The latest craze for bridal showers is simple. Get the girls together for brunch and pop that bubbly. Some of our favorite ideas for a brunch and bubbly shower include, a make your own mimosa bar, yogurt topping bars, and ice cubes with flowers!

Garden and Tea Party Showers

Technically you could have a garden tea party, a garden party, or a tea party shower. The most popular tea party ideas usually center around an Alice in Wonderland theme. Garden party showers usually involve tea in some way, but can also include cocktails or bubbly. The combinations for decor with these types of showers are endless, and it’s more than likely flower centerpieces will be your focal point.

Mint to Be

A charming shower idea is to use this play on words saying the couple is “meant to be” together. This theme can be simple, rustic, or elegant as long as you’re incorporating a mint shade of color into your decor. Popular favors include lavender-mint sugar scrub or packs of tic tac that, of course, say mint-to-be.

Backyard, Outdoor, or Picnic Showers

Some brides love the great outdoors, so why not take advantage and host a shower outside. The decor and overall theme will vary depending on the time of year and season. One shower idea we personally love is turning the day into a backyard picnic. Throw down some blankets, soak up the sun, and play lawn party games. Another great option is to host your shower at your local winery or vineyard,  like this shower held at Working Dog Winery in NJ.

Vibrant, Eclectic, or Hippie Showers

You might be scratching your head at this one saying, what do you mean? These are the types of showers that require thinking outside the box. They often involve vibrant colors, flipping the latest trend on their side, and a really free-spirited type of bride. One example is this boho beach themed shower that featured a live reggae band, a hula hooping contest, and a woman twirling fire. Now that’s something you don’t see every day.

1920’s Art Decor or Great Gatsby

Oh the roaring 1920’s! Whether it be Great Gatsby, an art deco influence, or a speak easy prohibition party, this theme always gives guests an excuse to get dolled up. Break out your feathers, pearls, and beaded dresses for a party you won’t soon forget. Just remember, the more opulent the better.

Glamour and Old Hollywood

Looking for glitz and glamour that doesn’t center around the 1920’s? Try an Old Hollywood theme. These types of showers can span a number of decades and even include the fashions of today. Ideas for this shower include recreating the Hollywood walk of fame, rolling out the red carpet, and giving guests prizes for guessing celebrity couples. Get ready for your closeup, because this theme is lights, camera, action!

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

This theme is guaranteed to be a hit if your bride is a fan of Audrey Hepburn, the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, or the jewelry store Tiffany & Co. Of course everything needs to be Tiffany blue, and your decor will involve lots of pearls. Want a signature drink? We’ve got you covered with this easy to make Tiffany Blue Cocktail.

We’re always on the hunt for more shower themes. Be sure to follow us on Pinterest!

What is your favorite bridal shower theme from above? What other themes have you seen before? Share with us in the comments.



29 thoughts on “10 Bridal Shower Themes That Guarantee A Good Time!

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  2. I LOVE the cooking/baking theme idea. I am going to one of those showers within the next month and they’re asked us to write out a recipe on a pre-printed recipe card so that the bride and collect them in her recipe box. Isn’t that so cute?!


  3. HOW FUN! A lot of these themes can be transferred into either birthday parties or a baby shower! My favorite theme was a floral and mint birthday party. My friend had a paradise pool party complete with a “pair-a-dice” in paradise… poolside gambling. with really gaudy pool blow ups (swans and pizzas), tiki torches, and pineapples and whatnot. it was so fun!


      • I heard rumors that wedding planning in the 80s was stressful, but we lucked out. Even though we did everything “traditionally” (planned over a year in advance, did the invites, flowers and such), hubby and I were of the opinion that as long as the license, a few friends/family, and the two of us were all in place, nothing else much mattered. I actually had the florist try to talk me into being picky about my arrangements – she couldn’t get over the fact that all I wanted were silk (because of my dad’s allergies) flowers that matched my blue and white theme. LOL!


      • Oh, and almost forgot – the only reason we did the big traditional thing is because me mother really wanted it for me. Otherwise, we would’ve eloped – so I guess that’s one reason it wasn’t stressful for us. 😀


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