This Vineyard Bridal Shower’s Special Guests Will Make You Smile.

Vineyard Bridal Shower

When planning the perfect outdoor bridal shower for your bride-to-be, having the weather fully cooperate is on the top of your wish list. A gorgeous vineyard background to go with your sunny weather? Now that’s pure perfection.

Welcome table for bride at her vineyard bridal shower. Candy bar and sweet treats favor. Future Mr and Mrs.

This bridal shower at Working Dog Winery in NJ had all the things a bride would want, including a candy bar and sweet treats for guest favors.


They even had special guests…

Did you notice them up on the table above?

Why it’s bride-to-be Ann Marie as “Elegant Bride Barbie” and her fiance Nicholas as “Full Beard Ken”, the Groom edition. Who knew that Ken had those kind of facial hair growing skills?


But seriously, how fun and sweet is that!? We love that photographer Nicole took this shot of Barbie and Ken holding the ring.

The centerpieces were simple but elegant. Pink and white carnations and roses, with baby’s breath in a clear vase with gold sparkle bottoms.


Games included “He said, She said,” where you guess whether the bride or the groom said the phrase, a date night card to give the newlyweds some fun ideas, and “How old was the Bride-to-be?”

Popular bridal shower games. He said, she said. How old was the bride to be. Date night tips for the newlyweds.

The last game is where pictures of the bride are placed at tables, each with a corresponding number, and guests are asked to guess the bride’s age at the time the photo was taken. This is a fun game, and Ann Marie especially has adorable baby pictures!


Keeping with traditional games, the guests broke up into two teams and played the toilet paper dress game. The best part of this game is the modeling of the dresses, which is always fun, and sometimes it gets a little crazy as we’ve blogged about before.


After all the games, Ann Marie opened gifts. Her bridesmaids asked all the guests to put ribbons and bows on the wrapped gifts so they could make her a bridal bouquet.


This bridal bouquet is one of the more stunning ones we’ve seen put together. Making this bouquet is a fun way to recycle the ribbons and bows. The bride can even use this as her practice bouquet at the wedding rehearsal or as the bouquet she throws at the wedding. (Just make sure to add some weight to if throwing it on wedding day)

Bridal shower bouquet. Take the ribbons and bows from gifts and make them into a bouquet for the bride.

Ann Marie’s bridesmaids did an amazing job with all areas of this shower. From the stunning venue, to the sweet favors, the traditional games, the special guests, and everything in between, these ladies created a day Ann Marie surely won’t forget.


Oh, and of course Nicholas stopped by to see his Ken replica. It’s only fair that the fiance gets to have a little fun too.

Bride and her fiance in front of their lifelike barbie and ken dolls at a vineyard bridal shower.

Congratulations and best wishes to this lovely couple.

Photo Credit: Nicole Klym Photography

What did you think about this shower? Share with us in the comments.


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