Amazing Disney Themed Bachelorette on Halloween

Disney Themed Joint Bachelor and Bachelorette Party. Bride dressed as Ariel and Groom was Prince Eric. @disneybride2be

Bride-to-be Nicole’s two favorite things are Disney and Halloween. Naturally this makes us instant best friends in our mind!

We’ve been stalking following Nicole on instagram at @disneybride2be for a while. When we saw her epic pictures on IG from the couple’s joint bachelor / bachelorette party we begged to hear her full story.


Nicole shared with us that her fiance Michael proposed to her on Halloween 2015. He loves the Fall and she loves Halloween, so it was a perfect time to get engaged. A few weeks later they went to Walt Disney World to celebrate with their family. Since Disney is her favorite place on earth, the couple booked a December 2016 wedding at the WDW resort.

Ariel (bride) and Prince Eric (groom) at their joint bachelor and bachelorette party @disneybride2be bridesmaidsconfession

Halloween was the perfect choice for their bachelor / bachelorette party as it was the one year celebration of their engagement. They even hosted it at the same place they went for drinks after getting engaged. A bar called The Wicked Wolf in Hoboken, NJ.

buzz, woody, slinky, tinkerbell at a disney themed joint bachelor and bachelorette party @disneybride2be

Buzz, Woody, Slinky, and Tinkerbell

All of their close friends were invited, and the majority of them were fully committed to dressing within the Disney character realm.

Tinkerbell, Ariel, Belle, and Alice at a disney themed joint bachelor and bachelorette party @disneybride2be

Tinkerbell, Ariel, Bell, and Alice

Nicole’s soon to be father-in-law and his girlfriend even came dressed as Mary Poppins and Burt!

Burt and Mary Poppins at a disney themed joint bachelor and bachelorette party @disneybride2be Soon to be inlaws get in on the fun.

Mary Poppins, Ariel, and Burt

Ursula and Ariel at a disney themed joint bachelor and bachelorette party @disneybride2be

Ursula and Ariel, oh, and don’t forget Flounder!

We are amazed at the dedication everyone put into their costumes. We are especially obsessing over the perfection of Ariel, Tinkerbell, and Ursula. Way to go ladies!

Halloween with a twist. Engaged Jersey couple has a Disney themed joint bachelor and bachelorette party @disneybride2be

Nicole and Michael obviously have the greatest friends, as they take cosplay to a whole new world, er I mean, level. Speaking of Aladdin…

If this couple’s epic farewell party to single-hood doesn’t convince you of their love for one another and Disney, you must check them out dressed as another famous Disney couple.

Jasmine and Aladdin. Bride-to-be and groom-to-be dressed up on Halloween. Disney themed bachelor and bachelorette party @disneybride2be

Best wishes to this Disney loving couple! We’ll be continuing to follow your journey @disneybride2be We can’t wait to see how gorgeous Nicole and her bridesmaids look on wedding day!

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What do you think of Nicole’s bachelorette party? Would you combine yours with your fiance’s bachelor party? Tell us in the comments.


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