Ultimate List of 150+ Popular Bachelorette Party Sayings

All About Drinking & Partying

Before (bride) says “I do”. Let’s have a drink or two!
She’s tying the knot. Buy us a shot.
(bride’s) Drinking Crew
(bride’s) Bachelorette Party All-Stars “we do not get drunk, we get awesome”
Bachelorette Bar Crawl
All aboard the hot mess express.
(bride’s) hot mess express. Get on and ride!
Buy me a brew, before I say I do.
Floatin on the river. Killin my liver.
Rock On. (ring logo) Let’s Party.
Bride’s Drinking Team
Something borrowed, something blue, we party harder than you.
Let’s Get Wild. (bride’s) Bachelorette Party.
(bridesmaid or bride) May Contain Alcohol.
A final toast to the single life. Before (bride) becomes a wife.
Let’s blame the vodka. (bride’s) bachelorette party.

Traditional Bachelorette Party Sayings. Last fling before the ring. Last night before mr. right. Bachelorette Party Shirts. bridesmaidsconfession.com

Keep Calm

Keep calm we’re on a girls night.
Keep calm and get your bachelorette on.
Keep calm this bitch is getting hitched.
Keep calm and wine on.
I can’t keep calm, I’m the bride (or bridesmaid)!
I can’t keep calm, I’m getting married!
Keep calm and party on.
We can’t keep calm, she’s getting married.

Best Nautical Theme Bachelorette Party Sayings. Last sail before the fail. Get ship faced. Bachelorette Party Shirts. bridesmaidsconfession.com

Baseball References

(bride’s) last inning.
Where all my pitches at?
Team Bride
Final swing before the ring.
We want some wieners (hot dog logo) and yes, we’re drunk!
Hey! Show us your hits! (bride’s) bachelorette

Harry Potter

Wingardium Mimosa
I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.
Expecto Patron & Rum
From Muggle to Mrs.
The party don’t start till I slytherin.

Best Pop Culture Bachelorette Sayings. Best Bachelorette Ever. The real bridesmaids of the wedding. cheers bitches. Bachelorette Party Shirts. bridesmaidsconfession.com


(bride’s name) Last Rodeo
Last ride for the bride.
Shotgun shells and wedding bells.
Boots and bling before the ring.
Boots and bling, bride’s last fling.
These boots were made for walking her down the aisle.
Save a horse. Ride the bride.
Raising a little hell before the wedding bells.
Yeehaw, Bitches!
Saddle up ya’ll. It’s the (bride’s name) last ride before she’s a bride.
This country chick is gettin hitched.
The hunt is over. (bride’s) bachelorette party.
Here’s to the nights we don’t remember and to the friends we won’t forget.
Kick the dust up. (boot logo)
Let’s get buck wild.
(bride’s) I do BBQ.
My friend is getting married & I’m just getting drunk.
Whiskey bent & veil bound.
Best Beach Bachelorette Party Sayings. Good times and tan lines. Sunglasses and mimosas. Where my beaches at. Bachelorette Party Shirts. bridesmaidsconfession.com

Wine or Bubbly

(for bride) Pop the bubbly. I’m getting a hubby.
Vino before vows.
We’re popping bottles.
Time to drink champagne and dance on the table.
Save water, drink wine.
He popped the question. So we’re poppin bottles.
Let’s pop the top, she’s tying the knot.
Champagne Campaign (bridesmaids) Bubbly Bride (bride)
Sip happens.
Sip. Sip. Hooray!
Time to wine down.
Good morning champagne.
I got a hubby. (bride) We got the bubbly (bridesmaids)
I’m here for the champagne.
Champagne Drinking Champs
Bachelorette & Champagne & Lipstick & (city bachelorette is in)
Best Team Bride Bachelorette Sayings. Bride tride. Squad. Brunch bunch. I do crew. Bachelorette Party Shirts. bridesmaidsconfession.com


He liked it, so he put a ring on it.
He put a ring on it.
Crazy in love (bride) Just crazy (bridesmaids)
Drunk in love (bride) Just drunk (bridesmaids)
Set sail. She’s got a veil.
We be up all night.
Okay ladies. Now let’s get in formation.
We slay.
I’ve been drankin.
Clearly he’s ready for the jelly.
We run this mother, (bride’s) bachelorette party.
I woke up like this.
Diva is a female version of a hustler.

Best Vegas Bachelorette Party Sayings. We are what happens in vegas. This is how we roll. Drink, dance, gamble, repeat. Bachelorette Party Shirts. bridesmaidsconfession.com


Mermaid Gang
All about that mermaid life.
Mermaid Tribe
Mermaid of Honor / Mermaids / Mermaid Bride
Mermaids drink mermosas.
The Bride’s Mermaid Squad.

150+ Popular Bachelorette Party Sayings from bridesmaidsconfession.com

Which one is your favorite? Did we miss any? Share with us in the comments.


9 thoughts on “Ultimate List of 150+ Popular Bachelorette Party Sayings

  1. This is a great resource for anyone planning a Bachelorette party. If they wanted to personalize shirts, cups, or invites, this is truly the ultimate list of sayings to do it from. Love it!


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