This Bridesmaid Did What For Her Brides?

This is a guest post from Jennifer Morrow, blogger at 2morrows Dress.

In my 20’s I was a serial Bridesmaid. Every couple of months (or more) some friend or family member was getting married. Often I was a Bridesmaid, or I had some role in the Wedding. Here are a few of the wackiest requests that I received from Brides.

Short Hair, Bride Cared

A good friend from college announced her engagement and asked me to be a Bridesmaid, with one tiny request. I had short hair. Really short. At the time it was chin length, and had been various shorter styles for all the years that she knew me. All of the other Bridesmaids had long hair, at least past their shoulders. With 11 months notice before the wedding, the Bride asked me to grow out my hair so that all of the Bridesmaids could have matching updo hairstyles. So I did. The day after her wedding, my hair was cut 8 inches, back above my chin.

Bride Asked the Bridesmaid to do What with her Hair -

Grew my hair out. What do you think? Like it now?

Vacation Wedding? Think Again.

I was the plus one for a destination wedding. Five minutes after meeting the Bride and MOB, I was conscripted to making centerpieces for the reception. My date was the Bride’s cousin and he was sent off to join the other men at the bar for drinks. Apparently all of the women were the decorating committee for the weekend. I wish I knew that before I bought a plane ticket to this stranger’s wedding!

Destination Wedding Gone Wrong -

Wait, I think I can see the bar….. how many more centerpieces are left?

Tan Line Control

A few weeks before my friend’s wedding, I went on a road trip, in a convertible, wearing strapless tops and my seat belt. I had a lovely seatbelt tan line, clearly visible in the bridesmaid dress. I spent the week before the wedding laying in the sun to “fix” my tan lines. Every day I provided tan line updates to the Bride. I only needed a little extra foundation to look normal under the church lights for photos!

Tanlines are the worst when you're a bridemaid -

Sun, make this tan line go away. Makeup, you’re on standby.

Groom Gone Wild

As Maid of Honor, it was my duty to retrieve the Groom the morning after his Bachelor Party. Apparently, my duty involved removing 2 pounds of spackle from his head, al la SNL’s Coneheads! He had been spackled, drawn on with black sharpie, and eyebrow shaved, with a hang over so bad that he could barely crawl to my car. It took a few hours, but eventually I successfully delivered a Clean Groom to the church.

Groom passed out on wedding day after bachelor party the night before. Bachelor party gone wrong. -

Seriously, get up. We have to get you ready for your wedding day!


Thank you to Jen from 2morrows Dress for sharing her wacky wedding stories with us.

What do you think? Ever been recruited to do something crazy for the bride? Tell us in the comments.


10 thoughts on “This Bridesmaid Did What For Her Brides?

  1. LOL. I’ve only been asked to be a groomsmen twice, and I hated it… What I’d love to do is show up to the wedding, eat a lot of food, drink until the sky is dizzy and dance the night away. I don’t know if I could accommodate these ridiculous requests, but good for you for thinking of your friends and making their day special 🙂


  2. That is just cruel! Why would they shave his eyebrows!?

    I myself am being very conscious about not getting any tan lines before my sister’s wedding. I think I had some in my cousin’s wedding…


  3. I would have been so upset at the groom that I had to pick up. That is why the bachelor party shouldn’t be the night before.

    I have never had any crazy requests, but I have had last minute panics. A week before the wedding where I was the one and only bridesmaid, I got a call that the seamstress cut the chiffon dress wrong and couldn’t find a replacement in the same color. She found a lighter shade and it ended up fine luckily.

    At another wedding I was decorating and I noticed that the cake began melting an hour before the ceremony had even started.

    I give a lot of credit to the ladies that hold everything together for the brides because so many strange things can and do happen.


  4. Diane – the eyebrow was shaved in the center. We filled in the line with a smudge of light brow eye liner as best we could, and no photographs too close to his face!


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