DIY Wine Cork Keychains – Simple, Cute, and Affordable Favors

Easy DIY Wine cork keychains. Perfect vineyard bachelorette or bridal shower favors.

Last night we went over to a friend’s house to drink wine, eat delicious food, and socialize. We decided it would be fun to throw in a wine craft. This simple project turned out better than imagined, which got us thinking, this would be the perfect favor for a vineyard bachelorette party or a wine themed bridal shower.

Easy DIY wine cork keychains as bachelorette or bridal shower favors.

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We drink wine on the regular and collect corks, so we’re always looking for fun wine cork projects. If you decide to do this favor start saving your corks now! If you are having your event at a vineyard or a winery, call them to see if they can supply you with corks. Not only is this cost effective, you will be using corks that have the winery logo and will remind guests of that event.

Supply List and Cost:

  • wine corks – free!
  • 5/8″ split key ring – 1oo for $9.99
  • steel screw eye hooks – 40 for $3.45
  • 1/4-in x 3/4-in zinc-plated washers – 100 for $5.58
  • #8 x 7/16-in zinc plated washers – 100 for $4.58
  • furniture nails – 25 for $1.30

We got the split key rings on Amazon and all the other supplies at our local Lowes hardware store.

1″ (25mm) Nickel Plated Silver Steel Round Edged Split Circular Keychain Ring Clips for Car Home Keys Organization, Arts & Crafts, Lanyards (100 Pack) by Super Z Outlet

Creating your key chains can be done in 4 simple steps:

  1. Place your larger washer on top of your wine cork and stack the smaller washer on top of the larger washer.
  2. Take a screw eye hook and screw it into the top of the wine cork through the center of the washers. Make sure you screw the hook as far is it will go to prevent it from coming undone with use.
  3. Put your split key ring on your eye hook.
  4. Take your decorative furniture tack and push it into the center of the bottom of the cork. You can do this with a washer underneath or without. If the bottom of the cork has some wine stain color on it, and you like the look of that, you can leave off the furniture tack.

If you want to see a step-by-step video demonstration on how to create these, check out this tutorial from Upcycled Stuff. If you watch the video you will see that we decided to save some money and not add the charm to the bottom. Instead we used the furniture tacks to finish the look.

In total we spent $30.95 on enough supplies to make 80 keychains, which puts them at 38 cents a piece. This is by far the cheapest DIY bridal shower favor option we’ve found, and personally we think it’s very thoughtful and classy.

What do you think of this favor? Let us know in the comments.


12 thoughts on “DIY Wine Cork Keychains – Simple, Cute, and Affordable Favors

  1. I could see this as being part of wedding favours too; especially if you’re getting married at a vineyard or winery, or if like my wedding venue the venue is known for it’s wine.

    I can imagine these with charm as part of the keyring that has the date or the couples initials on it. Even with an extra charm they’d still make great value, fun and unique wedding favours.


  2. This is such a great idea! I *might* have a few wine corks laying around the house. Fantastic DIY project, excellent way to reuse something instead of throwing into the trash, and they are darn cute!!


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    • Thank you Sarah. We ended up using some of these as gifts for the girls who won games at my sister’s bachelorette party. They absolutely loved them. I was so happy to see that the one bridesmaid added it to her key ring right away.


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