Refreshing New Bridesmaid Picture Ideas That Will Make You Unique

If you’re anything like us, you spend hours on Pinterest. You’ve seen the “must take wedding photo” pins so you know how it goes. You do a search and see the same dozen photos you always do. You keep scrolling, see a pin you like and think, “oh that’s unique,” so you click the link and BAM! There you are again on an article with one unique pin and the same dozen photos you’ve seen before, circa 2010.

Must Take Bridesmaid Photos of 2016

Well my lovely reader, we worked very hard to make this a different kind of roundup. You’ll find unique shots, a few new takes on some old poses, and yes a few things you’ve seen before. One thing is for sure though, we promise you’ll love these gorgeous photos since we worked with various photographers to handpick them just for you.


It’s the Year of Squad Goals (#bridetribe) Thanks to Taylor Swift.
Solo Portraits Aren’t Just for the Bride. This Trend is on the Rise for Bridesmaids.
Bridal Party Tattoos – Use Leftovers from the Bachelorette Party on the Wedding Day.
Take a Cue from the Groomsman; Relax and Be Yourself.
Floral Robes for Getting Ready Are Here to Stay, the New Addition is Personalized Coffee Mugs.
Dreaming of the perfect getting ready shot? Go ahead and stage it.
Getting Ready Bridesmaids Fixing Dress Royal Swan Photography

Photo by Jed Yang of Royal Swan Photography – Always Shot on Location

Display Your Dresses Outside for a Detail Shot, then Add in the Bridal Party.
It’s okay. Go Ahead and Make the Flowers the Center of Attention
The Bride Might Be the Focus but the Bridesmaids Are Always Close By.


What do you think about these photos? Any trends we missed? Share with us in the comments.


19 thoughts on “Refreshing New Bridesmaid Picture Ideas That Will Make You Unique

  1. All of these photos are so nice, but the one by Chris Sosa Photography with the brides from the back is the prettiest!!! Great round up of lovely shots! Now I need to find a husband =]


  2. These are all great ideas! Some of my favorite shots we get on a wedding day are with the bouquets up as well as criss-crossed arms around each others backs with their bouquets. Bride and bridesmaid photos are so much fun to set up 🙂


  3. I think my favorite was the dresses hanging to show the detail, then adding in the bridesmaids. I would’ve loved to have seen the little girls in the photos that matched the flower girls dresses.


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