English Garden Party Bridal Shower – Part 2

My sister’s bridal shower was this past Saturday May 28, 2016 and in part 1 of this post, the planning process was discussed.

This post will focus more on the details of the day and how happy the bride was to see everyone. Cause that is what it’s all about right!? A happy bride.

Beautiful Bride Sign bridesmaidsconfession.com

Guests awaited the arrival of the bride, Christina, with conversation and unlimited mimosas. It is a fact, that you can never, ever go wrong with bottomless mimosas.


Christina arrived, and although she knew about the shower, she did not know the theme. We quickly dressed her with a white fascinator and a bride-to-be sash. We had told her to wear a white dress, so not to spoil the theme, and this made it easy for us to buy complimentary accessories.


The shower atmosphere was one of excitement once Christina was there. She hadn’t seen most of the guests in over 6 months, as she currently lives in Europe. It was happy hugs all around and then numerous guests asking to see “the ring”!

Saying Hello at the Shower bridesmaidsconfession.com

One thing was for sure, the majority of the guests were willing to go along with the theme and had on floral dresses or shirts. Most wore their own hats. Those that didn’t bring a hat could borrow from some being provided by the bridesmaids.

English Garden Party Hats and Floral Dresses bridesmaidsconfession.com

Numerous games were played, including an icebreaker asking guests to tell how they met the bride. This was a great conversation starter for those that didn’t know each other well. At the end of the shower, all these papers were collected to share with the bride.

How do you know the bride game bridesmaidsconfession.com

A game called “Where in the World are Christina and Jim?” was played. Living in Europe, the couple travels to other countries often. Hilarity ensued with this game because there was a four-way-tie for 1st place. When the tie breaker question, “In which country does the couple currently reside?” was asked, none of the four possible winners knew the answer. Luckily there were enough gift bags, so all four winners were given a prize.

Where in the World Guessing Game - bridesmaidsconfession.com

Trying to get the guests attention was hard at times, so the Matron-of-Honor (yours truly!), had to call in a favor from the bride. Even she had to clink her glass. That’s what happens when your guests are truly enjoying their mimosa and conversation. We wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Getting the Attention of the Room bridesmaidsconfession.com

Christina’s sister and Maid-of-Honor, Kelly, couldn’t attend the shower since she currently lives in Japan. Kelly helped out by making a mad lib of the “groom’s vows,” and the guests helped fill in the blank words. It was then read aloud to the bride and all the guests. (Check out these free printable mad lib ideas.)

Madlibs Grooms Vows bridesmaidsconfession.com

It was now time for the bride to open gifts. Christina received many lovely items. Highlighted here is a present labeled Sprinkles and Jimmies, referencing the name of her personal travel blog, and a few Paris items to add to her growing collection.

Bride Opening Gifts bridesmaidsconfession.com

The bride made the most of opening her gifts. At one point there was tissue paper everywhere. We were just thrilled the bride was having so much fun, and that is was an easy cleanup.

Bride Opening Presents Throwing Paper bridesmaidsconfession.com

All in all it was a memorable day. The energy was vibrant, drinks were flowing, laughs were shared, and the bride had a truly spectacular time.

English Garden Party Bridal Shower Group bridesmaidsconfession.com

We hope you enjoyed reading about this English Garden Party as much as we enjoyed planning and attending it.

Photo Credit: CeciliaGrace Portraits South Jersey Wedding Photographer

What do you think of this English Garden Party bridal shower? Tell us in the comments.


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