I Realize I Was a Bad Bridesmaid, Now That I’ve Been a Bride.

In this post we interview Lisa from The Wedding Cat. She describes herself as a recent bride, who DIY’d the majority of her Detroit wedding, with a little help from friends and family.  Besides writing and interviewing you might catch her looking at cat pictures.

Bridesmaid Helping With Brides Dress - Bridesmaidsconfession.com

Lisa (far left) as a bridesmaid in her friend Val’s wedding.

What are your favorite parts of being a bridesmaid?

The wedding-related events like the bridal shower, bachelorette, and getting ready together the morning of the wedding. Plus it’s fun to meet new people from the bride’s life. I’ve made really good friends with bridesmaids I’ve met through friend’s weddings.

Lisa from The Wedding Cat as a bridesmaid - Bridesmaidsconfession.com

Lisa (second from right) as a bridesmaid in her friend Devon’s wedding.

What was  your role or your approach when being a bridesmaid?

I’ve never been a Maid of Honor, so I’ve never had the leadership role. I’m a great planner, but I never wanted to step on any toes to take charge. In the past I was terrible at knowing what I was supposed to do in these traditional social settings. In turn I’m not sure I’ve been the best bridesmaid at times!

So what made you realize later on that you may not have been the best bridesmaid in the past?

Becoming a bride! I didn’t realize all of the little annoying things are what bother you as a bride, and not really the bigger things. When I’d get a phone call or text with , for example, a minor complaint about the hotel rooms, that’s what drove me crazy. I could make all the big decisions about the cake or the caterer no problem, but one little complaint would send me over the edge. I wasn’t really aware of what the bride was going through when I was a bridesmaid.

bachelorette party for Lisa - bridesmaidsconfession.com

Lisa at her Bachelorette party on Put-In-Bay island, which is a small destination party spot in the middle of Lake Erie in Ohio.

What would you do different as a bridesmaid now based on what you learned from the bride side?

I would tune into the wedding related traditions so I could understand what the bride is feeling or experiencing. In general I would be more aware of what others around me are feeling and what they might be dealing with. In the past, for example, I looked at the bachelorette party as a way to show the bride a great time without even considering how stressed she probably was organizing the wedding. I wouldn’t just assume it’s ok to go full speed ahead in the celebration with everyone because that is the standard thing to do. I’d stop and see what the bride really wants!

Did being a bridesmaid before you were a bride help shape the way you treated your bridesmaids?

I don’t really think it did other than I tried to make everything cheap and easy for them. I chose dresses that were on clearance ($39.99!!) and I let them do whatever they wanted with shoes, jewelry, hair, and makeup.

Lisa of The Wedding Cat with her bridesmaids - bridesmaidsconfession.com

Beautiful bride Lisa (center) on her wedding day. Can you believe those bridesmaids dresses were on clearance for $39.99 !?!? (And yes, she had a “bridesman” in her bridal party)

What tips do you have for current or future bridesmaids to help make it easier on them?

Maybe ask the bride some questions to see what she really wants and then work to make it happen. It helps to periodically text or call just to say “how are you doing with this?” or “do you need anything?” and remind her she can be honest with you. Encourage her to speak out to you if something is not going the way she envisioned, and promise to discreetly help handle any problems, issues, or conflicts that may come up. If she’s not sure what she wants, offer to do research or make phone calls to help her figure it out. Things can get crazy busy as the wedding approaches, make sure that each bridesmaid’s role is clearly defined so there is no miscommunication. Whether it’s about money contributed, or time contributed sometimes people don’t realize what is expected of them unless they are directly told. I wish that someone would have been direct with me as a bridesmaid to snap me out of whatever fog I was in, and just told me what to do, or what to pay for!

Lisa of the wedding cat as a bride with her bridesmaids - bridesmaidsconfession.com

Lisa (bottom center) with her bridesmaids and flower girl on her wedding day.

Thank you Lisa for taking the time to talk with us! If you would like to see more from Lisa and her adventures in wedding planning you can find her at the following places:

www.theweddingcat.net / Instagram / Facebook / Pinterest

What do you think about Lisa’s tips? Were you a good bridesmaid? Did being a bride change your thoughts on this? Tell us in the comments.



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