POParazzi! Will you be my bridesmaid?

Okay so full disclosure we cheated and talked to :::gasp::: a bride! But hear us out because when we found this bride on instagram showing off how she popped the question to her bridesmaids (quite literally we might add!) we just couldn’t resist sharing her story. With an instagram handle like @amandahastwocats we knew we were in for some fun.

Amanda and Davey

Amanda (the bride!) and Davey (the groom!)

Amanda, who lives outside of Baltimore, Maryland, got in engaged to her fiancé Davey this past Christmas 2015 and shortly after her mother and sister threw her an engagement party. She was planning on asking all of her bridesmaids there but one of Davey’s sister lives in Ohio and one of Amanda’s sisters is in the Navy stationed in Norfolk, VA. Since they couldn’t all be in the same place at the same time she was determined to find a fun way to ask her closest girls to be her bridesmaids without doing something that was “boring”.

Amanda with sisters and cousin

Bottom Left Picture from Left to Right: Amanda (the bride!), Jessica (bridesmaid & sister), Mariah (matron of honor & sister), and Erin (bridesmaid & cousin)

That’s when she found the idea on pinterest of “popping the question” and she later stumbled upon the etsy shop PartyPOParazzi and decided it was a perfect way to ask them all. Once the boxes were ordered she ran around giving them out one by one!

POParrazi will you be my bridesmaid

I was so excited when I got them; I went to my sister Mariah first on my lunch break. She was at work at the time and 9 months pregnant. She popped hers at PetSmart where she is a dog groomer. She said yes to be my Matron of Honor.

mariah opening box

Davey’s sister came down from Ohio so I was able to ask her and his other sister together at his mom’s house. I had their youngest sons take them their packages. They loved the idea and both said yes to being bridesmaids.

Amanda with sister-in-laws

Top Picture Right Corner from Left to Right: Davey’s sister Tammy (bridesmaid), his sister Deann (bridesmaid), and his mom Charlene.

My cousin Erin was next. While at her parent’s house for her brother’s birthday, I put the package in front of her. She says “oh god, you’re not pregnant are you??” She was super excited, she’d been asking me since we got engaged who was going to be in the wedding party.

amanda and cousin erin

Amanda (the bride!) and her cousin Erin (bridesmaid)

My sister Jessica, who is stationed in Norfolk, couldn’t make it for Easter and when she was home for a few days when our niece was born I was so busy with school I missed seeing her. I made the video you saw on instagram for her. As soon as she saw the video she immediately said yes!

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Amanda has admitted to us, in true groom style, Davey has not asked his groomsmen yet and that she might have to intervene. (Oh, girl, we know all about it!)

Thank you for sharing your story with us. We wish you lots of fun, luck, and love on this journey!

Have a will you be my bridesmaid story? Share it with us in the comments.



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