Roaring 20’s Inspired Bridal Shower


Mix your own cocktail sparkling wine bar.

This 1920’s inspired party was a DIY dream of glitz and glamour meets budget friendly! The picture above shows off the beautifully done make your own cocktail bar.

Believe it or not those ice buckets are Planters peanuts containers with the labels peeled off! Lace doilies were glued on top of the area where the seam of the labels met, and a sparkly ribbon was cut and run through the center.

Those gorgeous antique looking gold cocktail glasses you see… they were clear “cut glass” dollar store finds that were spray painted on the outside. Guests took them home with them so they doubled as a party favor.

champagne bar recipes

A cocktail recipe list was created and framed so guests could pick which drink they’d like to make for themselves.

Instead of displaying mixers in their original containers a funnel was used to put the contents in a wine bottle. Wine bottles were washed thoroughly, spray painted, and a paint pen was used for labeling.


Check out that shrimp cocktail.

Sticking with the 1920’s theme there were “finger foods”, making it the ultimate meal made out of appetizers.

Guests were asked to bring gift cards and they were placed on the board above in the specially made gift card holders. That tree you see was cut from paper that had the lyrics to the bride & groom’s first dance song. That one sure made the bride tear up!


Headpieces, jewelry, feathers, and sparkles.

Guests dressed the part with 20’s inspired fashions, and when it doubt, lots of glittery accessories and long necklaces were added to enhance to the look. Clip on hair feathers and sparkly headbands were on hand for guests who wanted extra accessories.


Look at that happy bride! (on the right) 

We’ll chalk this one up to a roaring success! Games were played, cocktails were mixed, lots of laughing ensued, and the bride looked as happy as can be!

Did you host a 1920’s themed shower too? Share your tips & tricks in the comments below.


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